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The energy crisis in 2022 happens as a wake-up call to all of us about the general situation of energy use in the world. Therefore, using energy more efficiently is one of the fastest ways to save costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meet growing energy demands.

Zero Waste, as a clean energy supplier, will provide businesses with one of the solutions to use energy efficiently with industrial boilers. So, what does industrial boilers contribute to businesses in using energy efficiently? Let’s find out with Zero Waste through the following article.

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Using energy efficiently contributes greatly to the profitability of the business. When managing energy consumption more effectively, businesses can make a detailed assessment of energy consumption in production and operation. Since then, many solutions have been taken such as improving technology and improving energy efficiency. At the same time, reduce costs, increase profits.

Currently, the law on economical and efficient use of energy has been promulgated, forcing businesses to step up the implementation of energy-saving solutions. Besides, another problem appears, energy sources from fossil fuels such as gasoline, oil, and natural gas are an important raw material in the production and circulation of goods, but this is the main source of energy. finite supply.

Therefore, in the context of volatile and rising prices today, businesses are forced to have solutions to convert to renewable and more sustainable energy. In particular, industrial boilers with the ability to burn many types of fuel thereby improving energy production efficiency.

Industrial boilers help businesses use energy more efficiently

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Currently, the efficiency of industrial boilers in Vietnam is only about 70%, much lower than the world average of 10%.

Zero Waste’s industrial boilers are designed to operate in a closed cycle, taking full advantage of the generated heat as well as excess gas to generate electrical energy, heat and steam during the combustion of fuel. materials to operate machinery, improve boiler efficiency.

Thereby, reducing dependence on the national electricity grid, helping businesses save energy.

What are the benefits of a boiler?

Industrial boilers have been proven to help businesses reduce production and operating costs. At the same time, it helps to improve the competitiveness of businesses because the trend of efficient and economical use of energy is gradually becoming a criterion for businesses to compete in the market.

In addition, industrial boilers also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, contribute to environmental protection, help improve brand reputation, increase competitiveness, thereby expanding the market.

Solutions to use energy efficiently from Zero Waste

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To be able to use energy efficiently, energy generating equipment also needs to be used efficiently. Therefore, industrial boilers at Zero Waste are operated according to the following criteria:

1. Always follow to 5S  standards

Normally during combustion, the fuel leaves a residue on the combustion walls of the tubes, significantly reducing heat transfer. This results in higher emissions and increased energy costs. Therefore, the Zero Waste operation team always cleans industrial boilers to ensure efficient use of energy for the plant.

2. Strictly control the amount of gas

Effective control of excess combustion air also involves protection against the ingress of outside air into the combustion chambers of industrial boilers.

3. Take advantage of the blowdown water source

Even treated (demineralized) industrial boiler feed water contains small amounts of dissolved mineral salts. Continuous evaporation of water in the boiler and clean water in the boiler increases the concentration of these minerals and leads to deposit formation. To prevent this, the boiler water must be blown down periodically.

However, this can result in wasted heat, water and water treatment chemicals. So for minimal precautions, Zero Waste conducts periodic boiler water checks for dissolved solids levels and adjusts blowdown rates.

4. Optimizing the amount of condensate

The steam and condensate systems are tailored by Zero Waste to eliminate water hammer and reduce loss and maintenance.

In short, energy is used efficiently only when technology and equipment are of good quality. With Zero Waste industrial boilers, manufacturing enterprises can easily use energy efficiently. Contact our team for further advice:

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