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• It is possible to thoroughly reduce SO2 in the combustion chamber thanks to the addition of additives, the ability to reduce SO2 can be up to 99%.
• Significantly reduce NOx gas compared to burning coal or FO oil, NOx concentration in exhaust fumes is common 150-200mg/Nm3.
• Fluidized bed boilers can burn many bad fuels, with high sulfur content (S to 5%) and high humidity and ash (W, A to 50%). • No dioxin emission thanks to combustion chamber temperature >1050 degree
• Reduce dust emission thanks to: dry filter by Cyclone combination + Multi-function filter tower.
• High fluidized bed boiler efficiency h = 80 – 90%.
• Fuel combustion efficiency is very high, reaching over 90%.


• Fluidized bed is the technology of burning fuel in the very high boiling layer with a very high temperature > 950 degrees Celsius, This fluidized layer is usually created by quartz sand or the fuel itself.
• Fluidized bed boiler is a type of boiler that burns the fuel in, on the layer of boiling material and circulates the fuel when the combustion is not exhausted.
• Fluidized bed boiler is equipped with water heat recovery (water heating) and hot wind heating (air drying) systems to take advantage of the waste heat in smoke.
• The dust filter system includes a multi-level Cyclone and a Ruper Ventury sprinkler system. (Or arrange other advanced dust filtration system such as bag filter or electrostatic filter conveniently)
• Automatic control system, stepless variable frequency inverter (or automatic control system by PLC-Scada) and continuous temperature and pressure control system.


•Using cheap fuels and by-products such as rice husk boilers, when applying this fluidized bed boiler, businesses can save up to 40% of fuel costs compared to using oil furnaces Coal, FO.
• The electrical system is programmed with PLC-HMI/SCADA, so the operation is automatic and simple.
• Low maintenance cost.
• Extremely stable heat supply, because the boiler is fully mechanized.
• Automatic water and pressure.
• Water and pressure protection, combustion chamber temperature protection.
• Unlimited capacity.
• Little maintenance and replacement time with very low cost
• No fuel is wasted when stopping the fluidized bed boiler
• Reducing cleaning costs of husk-fired fluidized bed boilers
• Quick start, easy operation