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  • Cogeneration (Combined Heat and Power) is the operation of a large-capacity boiler-turbine combination to simultaneously generate both electricity and heat (steam) to meet plant needs.
  • Effective cogeneration solution when investing in concentrated industrial zones: Many factories use steam, suitable scale, central steam pipeline system to each factory
increase production efficiency
Reduce environmental emissions

Benefits of the cogeneration solution

For enterprises

– Helps to reduce energy costs by 10-20%, with a back-up system, ensuring production safety.
– High stability, reduce operating and maintenance costs.
– Reduce dependence on the grid system, generators.
– Won’t have to handle ash, slag, exhaust gas.

For the industrial area's management board:

– Increase revenue from leasing premises and infrastructure
– Adding more utilities and services for investment businesses
– Increase investment attraction, photo of the industrial park: Professional – Synchronized – Modern
– Easier treatment of waste gas, concentrated waste slag

For society & environment

– Improve the efficiency of general energy use for society.
– Reduce emissions and environmentally friendly.
– Reducing the load on the national grid system as well as promoting the program on energy saving and industry modernization.