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Saturated steam

Providing solutions to optimize energy costs in customers’ production line while meeting environmental regulations

Saturated steam

Invest in a multi-fuel circulating fluidized bed boiler (Biomass/RDF) to provide heat/steam, replacing fossil fuels (oil, gas, coal, etc.)

Centralized steam supply

Building a centralize boiler system and connecting steam pipelines to each customer in the Industrial Park/Cluster, enhancing efficiency and energy stability in production


Provide steam – heat – electricity cogeneration solutions to optimize energy sources and significantly reduce the costs for customers

Operation & Maintenance

Provide professional, efficient boiler operation and maintenance services with quick responses to customers’ needs.


Fluidized bed / CFB


Gas / oil


Thermal transfer oil



lò ghi thang

Fossil fuels and renewable fuels have been widely used since the boilers and fluidized bed technology became viral and necessary in production. Boilers, fluidized bed boilers can easily burn fuels to generate energy. For instance, rice husk boilers, which can burn other fuels with sulfur content > 5%. This is one of the leading industrial boiler products at Zerowaste with the main fuel from: burning rice husk, wood pulp, sawdust, wood chips,

Gas / oil boiler

Gas/FO/DO boiler is an industrial boiler product calculated and designed by ZRW according to USA design standards.

Thermal tranfer oil

In addition to using traditional combustion technology such as fixed boiler combustion, ZRW Thermal Oil Chain boiler has successfully applied Fluidized bed technology to use low calorific value bad fuels, renewable fuels. , regeneration

chain grate boiler

Chain grate is one of the modern technologies in Vietnam. Zero Waste is designed based on ASME and TCVN standards. With the main function for production and power generation through the process of heating water into steam, the chain grate can burn a variety of materials including Biomass.

TAN LOC TUAN produces & provides Biomass fuel, RDF
BIEN XANH provides TAN LOC TUAN with a source of Biomass- Biowaste; balances CO2 emission
KIM PHU LONG provides Phuc Truong Hai & Vietnam Zeorwaste with auxiliary mechanic, infrastructure
PHUC TRUONG HAI provides VIETNAM ZEROWASTE with steam- heat- electricity boiler system and maintenance service.
VIETNAM ZEROWASTE provides effective energy solution based on Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)
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