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The paper industry is one of the manufacturing industries that use a large amount of energy from coal, oil DO, FO. However, these fossil fuels are gradually becoming exhausted with escalating prices, reducing the economic efficiency of enterprises and negatively affecting the environment and society. Therefore, efficient use of energy is indispensable for Vietnam’s paper industry today. Zero Waste with industrial boiler system solutions will help paper businesses improve their energy problems. Let’s find out through the following article.

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Paper production has to go through many stages such as grinding wood into powder, drying the paper, or bleaching. These are processes that require both heat and steam energy. Moreover, the paper production process consumes an extremely large amount of energy, the problem of energy saving is quite difficult for our country’s paper industry.

Most paper mills in Vietnam are using traditional boilers using coal as fuel. This not only reduces efficiency, wastes energy resources, but also has many negative impacts on the environment.

Meanwhile, the optimization and investment in a modern industrial boiler system using clean fuel can help Vietnamese paper businesses save up to 20-30% of investment costs for energy. .

As mentioned above, the modern industrial boiler system uses clean fuels such as rice husk, firewood, shredded paper, cashew residue, dry leaves,… to serve the combustion process inside the boiler chamber. The common point of these fuel is cheap, clean and less harmful to the environment like coal and oil.

Like coal-fired boilers, modern industrial boilers use clean fuels to boil feed water, thereby generating saturated steam energy. The role of saturated steam in the paper industry is to serve the drying process, operate the machinery, etc. Of course, this energy source is regulated to achieve the required temperature and pressure to produce different types of paper.

However, the biggest difference that makes modern industrial boiler systems the most popular today is the ability to operate safely and conveniently, thereby helping businesses in particular to minimize costs. manufacturing charges.

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To be able to reduce energy costs, Vietnam’s paper industry needs to focus on two main stages, which are the boiler system industrial and the waste treatment system. Because these are two important contributors to production costs and waste into the environment.



The first efficiency of modern boilers can be mentioned is the minimization of fuel costs. This will be a big savings for Vietnamese paper businesses.

Industrial boilers today are capable of burning many materials. Among them, biomass fuel (with a net CO2 emission level of almost zero) is likened to a green fuel. Because it is an agricultural country, the biomass fuel supply network is quite large, then, if assessing the strengths of each fuel area, it will help to reduce the costs incurred by transportation.

For example, in Binh Phuoc area, the main source of biomass is cashew shells; Quang Ngai includes bagasse, … or the Mekong Delta is martial rice husks, coconut shells, … After taking advantage of local fuel sources but still lacking, there will be additional fuel, which is coal. bran, in addition, the boiler can also take advantage of huge piles of waste from factories or residential areas, ensure the fuel supply is adequate and highly efficient.


Efficiency of industrial boiler system brings not only combustion fuel but also blast furnace efficiency. And depending on the fuel area, there will be a boiler system with different combustion chambers such as:

Chain grate combustion chamber with efficiency up to 85% can burn coal fuels with a calorific value of over 5000 Kcal/kg. Fuels such as rice husks, firewood, corn cobs, etc. with a size of 70mm or more must be used with a chain grate industrial boiler.

As for fuels with low calorific value below 5000 Kcal/kg such as sawdust, cashew shells, bagasse, chopped plastic waste, etc., a non-circulating fluidized bed boiler is used with a maximum efficiency of 87%. This is also the most used boiler in our country’s paper industry.

Besides, other hard-to-eat fuels such as bran coal have low volatility, people specialize in using circulating fluidized bed industrial boilers. With a capacity of up to 90%, the fuels are almost completely burned and the heat generated is also recovered almost entirely.

Advanced exhaust treatment system

Exhaust fume treatment systems are a must to build and install in manufacturing plants, including in the paper industry and other sectors. Currently, a modern industrial boiler system is integrated with an effective dust and slag filter system. This ensures smooth boiler operation while ensuring compliance with environmental regulations. Normally, the exhaust smoke treatment system includes:

  • Multi-level Cyclone: This system consists of many smaller Cyclone components joined together. Compared with single Cyclone (type 1 element), the multi-stage Cyclone allows modern boilers to have stronger dust filtration, dust and smoke removal efficiency can be up to 95%.
  • Cloth bag filter: This is a dust treatment unit with ultra-fine and small size or more inside the exhaust smoke. Filter efficiency can reach 99% and can work continuously and stably in all conditions. However, the cloth bag system only applies to dry smoke, which does not contain oily dust.
  • Wet Exhaust Exhaust Tank: To overcome the limitation of cloth bags, a wet dust suppression tank is added to increase the efficiency of dust removal.
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New technology boiler products at Zero Waste are all designed and constructed according to QCVN and ASME standards with the following features and advantages:

  • Multi-fuel combustion boiler has a large sulfur content (S to 5%) and high humidity and ash (W, A to 50%). Zero dioxin emission thanks to the combustion chamber temperature >1050 Celsius degree.
  • Significantly reduce NOx gas compared to burning coal or FO oil, NOx concentration in exhaust fumes is common 150-200 mg/Nm3.
  • High boiler efficiency from 80 – 90%
  • Fuel combustion efficiency is very high, reaching over 90%.
  • Reduce dust emission thanks to dry filter by combination cyclone + multi-function filter tower.
  • Reduce labor costs thanks to automated systems.

The paper industry is gradually becoming a key industry group not only in Vietnam but also in the world. Therefore, using energy efficiently will bring sustainable value to the entire paper industry. With industrial boiler solutions Zerowaste can contribute to promoting paper businesses to realize that desire. So that Zero Waste can advise you more on how to install a boiler or industrial boiler price, contact our team:

  • Sales department: +84 975 337 933 (Mr. Khang)
  • Technical department: +84 947 899 363 (Mr. Son)
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