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Centralized steam supply

Compared with each factory self-installing and operating industrial boilers to directly supply steam for the production process, installing centralized boilers can meet the needs of many factories, provide better efficiency in terms of energy consumption.


  • Helps to reduce operating costs (labor, maintenance, servicing, fuel costs)
  • Increasing the efficiency of the boiler helps the boiler operate more stably.
  • The industrial park will easily manage the project’s production and emissions in a centralized manner.

Project Deployment Diagram

Benefits of Centralized steam supply

For enterprises

– Helps to reduce energy costs by 10-20%, with a back-up system, ensuring production safety.
– High stability, reduce operating and maintenance costs.
– Won’t have to handle ash, slag and exhaust gas.

For the industrial area's management board:

– Increase revenue from leasing premises and infrastructure
– Adding more utilities and services for investment businesses
– Increase investment attraction, picture of the industrial area: Professional – Synchronized – Modern
– Easier treatment for waste gas, concentrated waste slag

For society & environment

– Improve the efficiency of general energy use for society.
– Reduce emissions and environmentally friendly.
– Promote the national program on energy saving and modernize the industry.