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20/4 đường nội khu Symphony, khu phố Phú Mỹ Hưng Midtown, Quận 7, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh 70000, Việt Nam



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Vinatex International Joint Stock Company is the leading textile and garment manufacturer in the region and the world with the ability to provide comprehensive services throughout the supply chain, high quality and environmentally friendly fashion.

  • VỊ TRÍ
    Road No. 3, Hoa Khanh Industrial Park - Da Nang City
    31 tons/hour
    June 2023


  • Project: Converting a fluidized bed boiler with a design capacity of 25 tons/hour burning coal to a fluidized bed boiler with a design capacity of 31 tons/hour burning fuel skin and operating to provide saturated steam.
  • Overall: Established in 2015, VTF is currently one of the leading textile enterprises in the Central region and is gradually growing in the domestic and foreign markets. With the motto: Productivity – Efficiency – Sustainable Development, VTF constantly improves technology to create high quality products and pioneer in product revolution. Not only being a trusted partner that brings the highest satisfaction to customers, VTF also operates as a global citizen with the responsibility of greening the production chain, getting closer and closer to the goal of green industry, environmental protection.
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Sustainable energy weaving the future

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Operation quality following 6S standards

With the mission of providing green, efficient, and sustainable energy solutions, Zero Waste is constantly improving our technology and efforts every day. Accompanying VTF, Zero Waste is proud to contribute to building, developing and realizing the process of Greening Vietnam’s textile and garment industry.

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