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Fossil fuels such as coal are gradually being exhausted and are no longer an effective energy source for the economy – society. It is time for businesses to make a green transition by replacing coal with a safer – more efficient fuel, which is biomass (also known as biomass).

sinh khối là gì

Net-zero emissions is an important and main goal of the whole world to limit the greenhouse effect and minimize the negative impacts and effects from climate change. According to the IEA (International Energy Agency), net-zero means rapidly replacing fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and gas.

To that end, renewable energy is the solution. Biomass fuel is one of the typical examples of renewable energy sources that both bring economic efficiency and meet environmental standards. So what is biomass and how does it work?

Biomass, sinh khối là gì?
The cycle of biomass energy

What is biomass fuel: Biomass or Biomass is an organic fuel source derived from by-products, waste from agriculture – forestry. Some biomass fuels are used to produce energy such as shavings, rice husks, sawdust, cashews, etc.

Biomass is widely used in production (6.9% of the total energy supply in the world). In particular, using biomass will help businesses save costs, save time, and use energy efficiently.

For the environment, burning biomass will reduce the emission rate by 20% compared to burning coal.

Zero Waste - An ecosystem that provides an abundant source of biomass fuel for your business

Zero Waste's circular ecosystem

With a common mission of contributing to building a green, clean and sustainable energy industry for Vietnam, Zero Waste and 4 member units have formed a complete value chain, a circular supply chain with products products and services that fully meet the energy needs of customers from fuel, boiler-turbine equipment, auxiliary mechanical equipment, basic construction, maintenance and repair and professional operation services. Following are the specific roles of each member in Zero Waste’s green ecosystem:

Bien Xanh

Starting a value chain, 500 hectares of forest of Bien Xanh is the source of raw materials for biomass production such as forestry by-products (chips, rice husks, sawdust,…). At the same time, Bien Xanh, with the mission of balancing emissions from Zero Waste’s projects, provides CO2 credit products with 1 credit equivalent to reducing 1 ton of carbon.

Tan Loc Tuan

With raw materials supplied from Bien Xanh, Tan Loc Tuan assumes the role of producing biomass fuel, RDF to serve the process of steam, heat and electricity production of the project. The average fuel output that Tan Loc Tuan produces is 30,000 tons/month and can be adjusted to suit the needs and productivity of the project.

Phuc Truong Hai

Playing an important role in the design – construction – operation of the project, Phuc Truong Hai provides machinery, technology and equipment for boiler construction, operation – maintenance services according to the needs of customers. Fluidized bed boiler technology is one of the typical products and strengths of Phuc Truong Hai in the field of energy with the function of burning a variety of biomass fuels.

Kim Phu Long

Supplying auxiliary equipment and building industrial factories is Kim Phu Long’s role in the green supply chain. With a team of professional engineers and international standard equipment, Kim Phu Long ensures the quality of the furnace construction in accordance with the location and nature of each project.

Zero Waste - Providing sustainable values

Located at the heart of the green ecosystem, Zero Waste is a place that provides sustainable values with clean and efficient energy solutions. Thanks to the companionship of other member units, Zero Waste can bring you the following services:

  • Provide abundant biomass fuel as well as high standard boiler equipment.
  • Professional operation – maintenance services with Zero Waste team are always ready to solve the problems and problems of customers in the energy field.
  • Zero Waste always upholds the value of businesses and society throughout the process of construction and development. Therefore, with the biomass fuel solution, we are confident to bring to our customers sustainable values, ensuring economic – environmental – human efficiency.

To go green, contact us quickly through:

  • Sales Department: +84 975 337 933 (Mr. Khang)
  • Technical Department: +84 947 899 363 (Mr. Son)
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