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Experiencing the Covid 19 pandemic as a wake-up call for humanity about the negative impacts on the environment and causing severe climate change. The energy crisis is a concrete example that it is time to find an alternative to fossil energy sources (coal, oil, gas) with a greener and more sustainable fuel. To help businesses realize this urgent transformation goal, Zero Waste with the service of providing saturated steam and hot heat with a circulating fluidized bed technology boiler system is the solution.

Based on the mission of green transformation, Zero Waste comes to a specialized solution to help realize customers’ goal of building a green and sustainable production chain with industrial boilers.

Using “clean” and ‘green’ materials that are by-products derived from agro-forestry-industry, saturated steam / hot heat is provided by Zero Waste by circulating fluidized bed technology industrial boiler system shows that the use of green, clean fuels can produce efficient energy that can replace fossil fuels. At the same time, minimize the amount of waste discharged into the environment.

One of ZRW's industrial boiler projects burning forest by-products

High efficiency but low emission: Considered as an effective solution in the transition to clean energy, industrial boilers used at Zero Waste can reduce harmful emissions by 5 – 6 times than using other old boiler technology using fossil fuels. While still ensuring customer’s production efficiency with boiler operating efficiency of 80-90%, multi-fuel combustion and fully automatic operation.

Industrial boilers do not emit toxic emissions

In particular, the industrial boiler at Zero Waste is built and operated according to ASME international standards, and is evaluated by LLOYD.

Zero Waste's high standard of industrial boiler operation

Always upholding the 100% quality of technology and equipment, the industrial boiler operation process is formed based on the following rules:

  • Repair and maintenance of damaged equipment will be undertaken by Zero Waste during cooperation with customers.
  • The industrial boiler at Zero Waste is designed and manufactured based on the standards of environmental emissions regulated in Vietnam and internationally, with a dust filter system by a combination cyclone and filter tower.
  • The fuel source provided by Zero Waste is completely produced from agricultural – forestry – industrial by-products (cashew residue, sawdust, pellets, rags,…) with the quality of 100% Zero Waste.
    Operation staff provided by Zero Waste will be on duty 24/7 at the project. Ensure efficiency and safety in the process of supplying energy to customers.

Zero Waste and the mission of providing "green" solutions

As a pioneer in the field of converting seemingly useless things into an abundant energy source to meet the needs of customers, Zero Waste builds and operates based on the following missions:

  • Conversion: Zero Waste converts all waste sources into useful energy: from industrial waste (RDF), agro-forestry by-products (biomass) into steam – heat – electricity energy.
  • Innovation: Zero Waste continuously improves and applies modern technology to increase the conversion value of waste into energy: Cogeneration of heat – electricity/steam – electricity is one of the important products/services that We are working to improve the value of energy production.
  • Sustainable: Zero Waste has no secondary emissions in the waste conversion process, we create a sustainable green – clean – beautiful environment.
  • The Road to Zero Waste: By leveraging waste sources, Zero Waste works towards balancing emissions and recirculating production.

Zero Waste with the service of supplying saturated steam and heating by industrial boilers with 100% quality standards will contribute to helping customers quickly transform the circular production chain and quickly achieve the goal of sustainable development – an inevitable trend in the development process of all countries.

Go green today by contacting Zero Waste. We are always ready to listen to your business problems.

  • Sales Department: +84 975 337 933 (Mr. Khang)
  • Technical Department: +84 947 899 363 (Mr. Son)
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