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Green energy plays an undeniable role in our quest for transition to achieving the goals of sustainable development. Vietnam has also made many policies and commitments to promote the process of greening, towards sustainable development by transitioning to clean energy.
To better understand the role of clean energy for sustainable development, let’s find out with Zero Waste through the following article.

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Currently, energy provided by fossil fuels emits tons of emissions annually, resulting in negative environmental impacts. Therefore, using green energy is one of the practical solutions for sustainable development.

Since then, joining the general trend of the world: promoting the use of green energy, renewable energy in production, towards the noble goal of environmental protection.

In manufacturing, businesses are gradually replacing fossil fuels with renewable fuels to create a clean energy supply. In particular, biomass is being known as a fuel that provides clean energy, both economically and environmentally. Clean energy from biomass fuel significantly reduces CO2 emissions. This is also a recycled fuel from waste, helping the green development process become circular.

Benefits of using green energy in the process of moving towards sustainable development

Green energy brings many benefits that not only reduce the impact of the entire production system on the environment and ecosystem, but also bring economic benefits to businesses.

  • Increase production efficiency, save fuel costs by taking advantage of agro-forestry by-products.
  • Integrate into the global flow, join and easily respond to changing regulations.
  • Meeting the needs of consumers for green, clean and environmentally friendly products.
  • Increase the recognition and reputation of an enterprise with many responsibilities to the environment and the community.
  • Attracting many investment sources from foreign partners.
  • Promote social development through reducing risks to people’s lives and supporting community development.

Zero Waste provides clean energy solution

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Understanding the important role of green energy for sustainable development, Zero Waste since its inception has set the mission to bring green energy solutions with:

  • Green fuel: Biomass is the main combustion fuel. By taking advantage of this green and natural source of fuel, Zero Waste can help businesses balance emissions in the production process and save on fuel costs. This is also a potential renewable energy source used to replace fossil fuels because of its environmental friendliness and recirculation when it can absorb carbon during development.
  • Efficient combustion technology: Multi-fuel fluidized bed boiler can burn thoroughly and minimize emissions or dust before being discharged into the environment with a multi-stage filtration system. This is a boiler technology commonly used in manufacturing industries including textiles, food, animal feed, paper industry, chemicals,…
  • 5S standard operating services include: Screening – Sorting – Cleanliness – Caring – Ready and Safe. Zero Waste team serves customers with 5S and Safety criteria, ensuring dedicated and professional service quality.

Switch to clean energy today, contact the Zero Waste team via:

  • Mr. Khang (Sales Department): +84 975 337 933
  • Mr. Son (Technical Department): +84 947 899 363
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